Facebook… The Gigantic Matrix Godzilla Lie

By Glen Williams


As many of you know, I’ve been an avid, above-average supporter, participant and poster on the Facebook social media platform. I’ve been on this platform for over 15 years… I have a well-rounded group of friends who post and share from all over the world, which I share with others to broaden views to see other parts of the planet and the vast, rich cultures we’re all part of.

I’ve had plenty of my share of true battle royal knock down drag outs with the best of them.  With everybody and everything from Russia bots, ultra far-right extremists, far left, gay, political, music, and much much Much more. I’ve always had and believed in an open platform forum for people to express opinions, views, positions… because that is how I believe we grow and ultimately find ways of working together

Last month, in one of my many groups on Facebook, I made a post… This group is private only for few friends that have been up for over a year… I made a single post and Facebook kicked me off “THEIR” platform for 30 days… Facebook Jail as they call it.

This has never happened to me… It was humiliating and damaging… the most I’ve been involved were a couple of days from “misunderstanding” on Facebook’s part of what I meant.

Now, with this 30 Day SENTENCE… they didn’t care what or about the situation was, they didn’t care about my business postings critical to sharing information to clients and interests, they didn’t care about my music groups, my landscaping groups, my Ecommerce groups, nor any group I was associated with which are in the hundreds, perhaps thousands…. For example, our primary music group reaches over a million people per week from all our hard work building up our social network.

I couldn’t post on people and loved one’s wall for birthday’s or acknowledge situations, couldn’t share information. All because Facebook deemed me “inappropriate” violating their rules which was not a problem before nor they said anything to this one particular private group of 30 people.


> Now TRUE… Community Standards must be adhered to… it protects ua all from vile and hideous messaging that can transpond if unchecked. <<


Facebook is a gigantic, Matrix LIE. They rope you in to exchange with people all over the world who you may not otherwise know existed. They did connect people, BUT, it’s all under their restrictive guidelines you can’t even challenge when you are charged with violating their so-called “community standards’. Now, it is a FREE platform so they have leeway on how they operate, however, how they operate is based on every single post, comment, like, upload, pictures, videos everything is stored in a literal “Matrix” super database with elaborate sophisticated algorithms generating profiles off of all of our activity which they sell for marketing penetration to highest bidders. That’s how they make money. Do not ever think anything is outright free. They are literally tracking you like wolves… and other platforms as well do the same.

I now know, I’ve wasted a lot of years of my life supporting a platform that I thought was providing a connecting availability to others. But it has consequences attached we don’t know nor aware of. We don’t know what are they doing with our profile data or who they are selling to. What are they doing with our pictures we upload and think are secure. What are they doing with phone calls and chats they make readily available. What are they doing with our sensitive information about our lives? We trusted them to record our lives in how we see it. But what we don’t know is who they really are.

Now, they use total AI (Artificial Intelligence) to monitor, police postings. The question becomes, if something is outside of their “community standards”, then just block the content. Stop there… think about it… if something is so against their “standards” then just simply block the content where it can’t be posted. If there is a misunderstanding, then they certainly have enough money to man a customer service bureau where you can talk to a live person to plead your case, and information if you want to advertise or market with them, or when something is sent to you, you can talk to someone who can explain the situation

NO, they go further… THEY PUNISH with two or three or thirty or sixty days in Facebook Jail, which I find offensive and literally outright Nazi Level Gestapo. They are punishing you for data in posts THEY believe is THEIRS and not yours…  all the while they are making money off of… and can outright restrict you to your own personal account, data, content with you being powerless to do anything about it.

That means they have seized control over your data. Now think about this, this is your PERSONAL LIFE and they have control over who sees it, what you can do with it, who you can share with.

Billions of people use Facebook on a regular basis every day, hour, minute. Yes, they are processing massive major data, but ask yourself this… With such power, if you post something inadvertently and they shut you off from all your total accounts associated with your profile, which could be business, ad campaigns, marketing activities, job-related, and hosts of other items that have affected you because they decide you were inappropriate in some group. They can and will restrict you across the board. Now, if the content they deem is so inappropriate, then just simply block it, they do anyway. Why do they need to cause hardships on people with all you can contact is some automated robot responder they’ve programmed.

I’ve found, from this, 30-day restriction, what they really are… and, there’s a whole universe of information out there that is valuable and can connect people into far more than Facebook ever can. Facebook has suckered people into oblivion messaging they see every day. This takes away the ability to formulate and process life and reality that is going on around people. They are doing all of this for money and if you’re not aware you can spend your entire life in nothing but funny memes, gossip, and reactions from others who do not have adequate information to know about any news or current events to make any formal decisions one way or the other.

Facebook has taken more away from me than what I have gained from participating in this unilateral Gestapo platform. They are literally steering people into their product and damaging mankind as a whole.

I was part of it too and can only imagine the panic people feel when they’re kicked off from their only or main connection to others. My advice and share in learning is this… Don’t depend on anything that can let you down when you need it. Setup other social media accounts and invite your friends to those accounts, just as backup and to be safe and where you can still connect. Make your own blogs where you can share your information and talk, discuss, post whatever you wish, and invite others to as well. Branch out to other platforms like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and hosts of others, find topics that interest you, and start participating on those platforms, start building a connection base. I’m just saying, do not put all your eggs in Facebook basket, they will darken all of your options and direct you solely to them and you are under their review and power. They are a huge multi-billion dollar business and that money is coming off our profiles.

Don’t let your life float away with mindless superficiality somebody else is making billions off of.

Be MINDFUL, and never trust anything they are doing… because you never know.

I will never view Facebook the same, ever again.


Here are some of my other profiles I’ve neglected over the years participating with Facebook… but not anymore… if you wish you can connect with me on these services… the point is… never let anything have complete total, control, lock on who you are.


https://twitter.com/GWilliamsSTL – Politics, views, exchange

https://twitter.com/MeetStl – Things going on of interest in St. Louis

https://twitter.com/Marketcom123 – Business Development, Web and Fun Stuff

https://twitter.com/MyhouseradioF – My House Radio Tweet Page.. Everything Music

https://twitter.com/SpecialtyGarden – Landscaping Interests




> https://www.pinterest.com/marketcom123/_saved/








These are some of the things I’m building, currently in process of building and places I had not tended to properly all from giving Facebook all attention. Please don’t do the same… There’s a big universe and more out there.


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