There’s lots of definitions for “Web Consulting”.

The purpose of hiring a Consultant is to gain greater knowledge and advantage to secure success. The real truth, there are no “magic formulas”, hard work, consistency, and due diligence is what wins.

Finding best ways to accomplish is what Consultancy delivers.

We at Marketcom focus on the following:

1. Identify current website situation

2. Identify why a website is not accomplishing potential and goal

3. Uncover and evaluate audience and find best practices for ways to capture targets

4. Help client understand the value and importance of their sites

5. Develop ways for clients to keep their sites fresh and appealing

6. Ways to penetrate targets within specified budgets and resource capability

7. Develop web strategy

8. Research and Analyze Data

9. Brainstorm to identify goals and best practices

10. Explore Options

11. Review Content Marketing

12. Marketing Strategy Deliverables

13. Outside / Inside Contractor Assistance or Hire Analysis

14. Web Usability, Function, Presentation, Ease of Use

15. Optimize Conversion

16. Understanding Technologies

17. Social Media Targeting / How to accomplish

18. Understanding Social Media Power

19. Business Reputation / Review – Critic Management

20. Business Follow Up / Credibility Foundation

The web’s a big universe with site design, social media, search engine marketing, blogs, content, targeting, delivery, eCommerce, sales, cloud, apps…
The gamut is huge

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