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Amazing Social Media That Converts

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What Is Social Media

Social media are performance-based website services that allow the sharing of content, ideas, marketing, announcements, and just about any other communication.


Why You Need Social Media

The main reason is to Increase Brand Awareness. With social media, you can access nearly half the world’s population through low-cost means and reach highly targeted potential customers.

You can create engagement to boost sales and interest in products while positioning yourself as an authority in your particular field.

Social media provides low-cost way to be consistently in front of customers while engaging them in the value of your product and how it applies to viewers while generating significant “buzz” about your product to others in a “chain” effect that benefits you.

Social media generates leads and increase web traffic to boost sales.
Word of mouth drives 20 to 50 percent buying decisions.

Affordable Social Media

Keeping fresh in front of your customers and prospects is challenging and daunting. You want a consistent message with your marketing that links and ties into a meaningful message that converts.

We don’t just put up an image about your business with few words in the title. We match imagery with your current brand and use your logo in your posts. How else will people understand where it’s from and gain confidence in your brand?

Three to Four postings per week can penetrate more than daily or multi-daily postings. With a consistent campaign, your brand will gain attention and inspire conversation about your product.

Count on us for your social media marketing.


Simply fill in the information and…



Social Media marketing requires a game plan with a consistent presentation for your business announcements to convert. Appealing imagery with messaging is vital to call for action. You have seconds to get noticed and your social media game plan should encompass for quick and direct for viewers to take an action.

What We Do 

Content Creation
We take time to create captions designed to convert with color schemes that match your existing website, brand, logo.


It is imperative to use correct hashtags with your posts. We research which are the best hashtags to get your message out front and center.


Social Media Strategy
This is where a plan is designed to increase your brand awareness with created social media posts and even links from your website and blog. The more you are visible the better for your brand.


Post Scheduling
Once you approve your posts we will schedule accordingly.


After a period you will receive how well your social media campaign is doing. This is very important to identify strong and weak areas and tweak your campaign to fit your desired goals.


First time consulting from the information you provide us.

Nitty Gritty

We first consult with you to determine your business social media goals. From there, we a recommended plan of action to achieve what you want to accomplish. Social Media is serious business, you want to present your best and get positive responses.

Yes, if you do not have them we can set them up for you separately from service, with matching headers to your website and campaign.

Yes. Social Media is not a quick marketing solution. You need to know how your social media plan and budget is working for you. You can test with our Entry Plan and develop from there, we’ll be happy to consult with you.

Great question, you can post several times every day or you can take a more precise approach with tailored postings about your business. I tend to recommend the “tailored” approach to allow marketing messaging to resonate without becoming “too common” where it can be overlooked due to numerous postings. You want your message to be consistent with changes that get noticed allowing viewers to become more engaged in your product.

We will need information from you about your business and uncover goals and your target market. From there we can develop action plan to best accomplish what you seek.

Yes. We provide first-time consulting from information you provide to us for our recommendation for your social media marketing. Should you need additional consulting for planning larger marketing coverage and penetration we offer that separately due to being specific planning for your needs.

High Impacting Posts

Your Product is sure to get attention and engagement with our Social Media Service
Our Social Media Plans
Includes Compelling Custom Postings Weekly with Royalty Free Graphics

Social Media Service Plans

Social Media Business Platforms Rate
  Instagram $95 Per Week
Includes Custom Unique Posts  
  Crafted Marketing Message  
Pinterest   $25 Per Week
YouTube   Consult
TikTok   Consult
Blog Posting   Consult
SEO Keyword   Consult
Email Marketing   Consult

Let’s Talk More to Discuss your Social Media Campaign

We offer incredible services with posts every week on multiple platforms with graphic rotations weekly so you will always appear fresh and on top of your game.

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