Glen Williams
Owner, Marketcom123


When people hear the word “template” some go into immediate shock and say NO WAY! But my argument about templates is that they can be beneficial to your website.

Now, before we get into back and forths, not ALL TEMPLATES are created equal. Some are highly unreliable and have backdoors for hacking to get into your server, scary right? It should be. There are literally millions of WordPress templates available both free and paid. They’ll dazzle you with layouts and graphics that’ll wow you into purchasing. If you see a template you like, research it CAREFULLY. Look for reviews, ease of use, security, and reliability.

Always go with templates that have EXCELLENT reputations and have sold in abundance. Also, look for support when you need it. Templates are designed on WordPress Open Source meaning they are specifically coded to the template’s function. Do Not Ever monkey around with a template code, it can create disastrous outcomes. Quality web templates will come with everything you should need, if you need something special, which we’ll get into later in this writing, hire a quality and dependable developer to make modifications to your template or contact template writers themselves for special requirements.

Here are some template benefits

1. Saves Website Costs

There are many quality, reliable templates available that all you essentially have to do is incorporate marketing messages, images, and site plugins. They are easy to manage and can be automatically updated to free up time. These are the template’s main advantage points.


2. Saves Time

Building websites from scratch is a long, daunting and complex process. The time to write and implement code can be overwhelming. If you have a small business site marketing your service that doesn’t require backend automation into sales, production, accounting, marketing then you really do not need a custom-coded website. Custom code requires constant maintenance and monitoring not to mention super-enhanced security preventing spam and server invasions. You can be overwhelmed with a server breach before you know it. Custom-coded sites are expensive and require the most experienced professionals to maintain.


3. Support

As the old saying goes, you never know, until you need it. Quality templates will have support teams available to answer and tackle any questions you may have. Custom code will require to first find out the problem and then proceed to fix and can affect other coding resulting in nightmares. If your problem is not with your template website a good hosting provider can help with 501 Errors, Database Errors, White Screen, and others that you may not have access to fix on your hosting server. Most hosting server errors are due from too much space taken on the server, plugin conflict (which is most common), or if you’ve been hacked and hopefully you have several backups located on cloud off server sites where you can get back up and running quickly.


4. SEO

Various templates have built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimatizion) options that help your site rank across the web. WordPress, being as powerful as it is, best feature is its Blog capability. Site not ranking way you wish, simply write blog posts with powerful keywords search engines will pick up. The more you publish on your blog the better and if your content is linked to other sources you’re in orbit, that is FREE MARKETING you can’t beat.


5. Social Media

With some plugins, you can automatically post content to your social media accounts. Make news on your blog and post to all of your social media accounts easily within your template. Even show samples of the newest content on your home or designated pages.


6. Plugins

With your template, WordPress offers hundreds of thousands of available plugins. Here again, all plugins like templates are not created equal. Always use tested and reliable plugins with support when needed. With quality plugins, you can Backup your website, create powerful security, make bookings, set up meetings, add to your SEO and social media, collect payments, and countless other things that would require additional coding to work with other apps or not available on all site builder apps.


7. Content Management

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) app. WordPress makes use, through database configurations, writing content for your site easily and searchable. You don’t need to go through extra steps, just publish and WordPress does rest in a reliable archive your content will always be available.


8. Uniqueness

Your template does not have to look like the template. Your template can be made to reflect your business’s direct marketing message without looking like any other site. Don’t believe the hype when you use a template you’re site will be like thousands of others. Hiring the right designer or having a bit of creative imagination goes a long way. I admire sites that stand out in a bold, easy-to-read way visitors can quickly understand what you are providing. It’s all matter of creativity.


9. Image Optimization

WordPress does pretty good with resizing your website’s photos, pictures, graphs, etc. You may want to take each image to help with your SEO. Search engines like being able to identify imagery on your website. Always use Royalty-Free images free of copyrights and granted for use on your site. Crosslinks to copywritten materials can have unforeseen effects.


WordPress site plugins have some of the best security, backup, and monitoring features found anywhere. Everything can be automated sending you alerts around the clock letting you know of your website’s status. This is very handy getting a snapshot of attempts getting in, threats, backup notices, and knowing your website is running and functioning securely.


These are benefits I’ve found with working with “right” templates. Of course, it’s up to individuals which route they wish to pursue. I advise our clients to always have as much control over your website as possible. If you pay for it, you should own it and have control over your content. You should also have options to include on your site, sitebuilding apps may not allow. Some are very happy with sitebuilding apps, but I’ve found, providing service for both sitebuilders and WordPress are about the same in cost. Design is very critical to getting marketing communication across effectively. Monthly hosting is about the same as what apps provide. You can go with online builders, but know what they allow and what they do not.

With the right template from an experienced marketing design agency, you can have a worry-free up and running site that you can present to the world with confidence. Choose what works best for you and go with a trusted source to get you there.

Glen Williams