By Glen Williams
Owner Marketcom123


There’s essentially no reason for any business not to have a web presence. It is a highly effective marketing tool that displays who you are, what you provide, where you are located and background description of your business in extremely cost effective way.

Websites help build trust. New clients and prospects get to know you better and see visual presentation of what you provide. Quality web presentation is critical. We’ve all seen unprofessional looking sites and gives us pause or hesitation of this company’s abilities.

Once you have your website setup to your satisfaction, promote it to the world through social media and search engine listings.

With a little time and experience, you can reach thousands of potential customers using creative social media campaigns and clever SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website to get listed in top search engines.


Here are items to watch on your website

  • Be sure you can deliver what you say. Credibility is everything. Make sure you have working business plan in place where you can deliver your services without gaps or interruptions before launching your site to the world. Have backup plans in place where you can get back on track and deliver services quickly.


  • Make sure your site is secure. Many vicious people are on the web and will attack your site crippling it for multiple reasons from all over the world. Lot of times they’re after your hosting email engine to distribute spam across the globe, they generate millions of emails and have ways of linking hosting accounts to do their dirty work. It will use up all of your hosting resources, making your site slow, and most browsers will flag you as risk and not make your site available for viewing. Make sure you have best malware and hack protection you can get.


  • Always Always Always back up your site. Free apps like Updraft provide reliable backups either on your hosting server or in cloud account. If anything goes wrong, you will not be left high and dry and can restore your site to way it was.


  • Web Hosting is very important, you want a hosting service that is there for you when you need them, and you can believe you will need professional help from time to time. Make sure your hosting service has adequate tech support where they can answers to questions quickly and assistance when things go wrong.


What you can do with your website

When you have everything in place as mentioned above, here are things you can do with your website

  • Blog. An excellent way to share the latest news, developments regarding your business and helpful information for readers. It can provide excellent resource for clients letting them know what helps them and establishes you as authority on subjects they can trust. If you keep information fresh, they will return and you can share posts on social media accounts alerting new content.


  • Engage with Prospects and Customers Faster. You can develop marketing social media campaigns for specials and promotions you are providing letting customers know what they can expect and receiving discounts or specials for services which in turn makes great way to keep in front of clients and keeping them engaged.


  • Accept Payments from your website. Getting paid for service is most important of work. Make it easy for clients to pay right from your website. Use service like Paypal to secure payments with confidence. You don’t necessarily need to setup an expensive credit card gateway, they can cost hundreds of dollars per month just to have, and maintaining sensitive information, like credit card data on website servers I would not recommend. Always use established services when security is paramount


  • You can host teleconferences from your site. Invite customers and prospects on topics you can speak on, offer engagements and networking with others from your website.


Grow your presence and brand where prospects can get to know you. Encourage interaction and ask for questions. Helping others in time of need goes long way.


Concerns About Your Website

Cost is most likely biggest concern of all, everyone doesn’t have large budgets to invest and market through social media advertising. Start slow and build. Learn while you’re building, a lot of marketing work can be done yourself, when you hire social media companies it can get expensive quickly and can take months or years to see result yields. View your website as long term commitment and constantly nurture it, promote and be proud of it.

Another major concern is all people are not “web and tech savvy.” Most don’t know how to update their sites, what to watch for, how to setup hosting, how to setup protections anti-malware anti-spam. This is when you need someone or service you can trust. These tasks are not difficult, but they can be overwhelming and daunting if you don’t know. Again, learn as you go, always ask questions and never be afraid of your question being “silly” or look a certain way because you don’t know, you’re paying for service and you deserve to know all and ever ins and out about your website, after all, you are one responsible for what you put out.

In keeping these points in mind, you’ll be just fine… remember, learn as you grow.