Just like for your home and car, you prep for winter. You check your furnace, check for air leaks, bring in items from outside, you prepare or else unforeseen and unexpected things can happen.

The same is true for your marketing. The holiday season is BIG, lots of people online looking, searching, kicking tires, setting budgets and you should be ready. Retailers plan well before season hits, the same should be true for all business especially with their websites. Make sure information is up-to-date, forms functions, email accounts active, new promotions, blog writings, holiday communications… there’s tons of things to do for winter prep. Don’t let opportunities slip by.

Winter Business Checklist:

1. Website – Make sure it’s functioning properly, remove all bad links, update information.

2. SEO – Check and re-check your search engine optimization, perform tweaks, adds, remove what doesn’t work. Make sure your site is in compliance with major search engine guidelines.

3. Social Media – Plan out what you want to communicate, Holiday Cheer, new products, service addtions, promotions, new hires… a great time to announce.

4. Website Maintenance – Review your backup, review your site’s anti-spam abilities, anti-attack… Be prepared if anything happens where you can quickly determine causes and quickly get back up and running.

5. Web Designers – A good time to get in contact with your design company, make sure their up to task, still providing services. Communicate issues you may have with your website they provided, take note how they respond.

6. Web Hosting – Contact your hosting provider just to make sure everything is running properly, what shape your site is in, is it secure, are there any other services they offer you can use, is it time for another hosting plan.

7. Email Lists – Are your lists current and up-to-date, review to see who you are contacting, are they best contacts, will returns and actions come from promotions.

8. Marketing Campaigns – Fall and winter are good times for campaigns because most people are not on vacations, time off which gives them better time to explore and consider buying something. It could be new products, service additions, announcements they may be more receptive to just from the season.

9. Office – Now may be great time to get that new computer, new software you’ve been looking into. Anything that helps productivity is a good thing!

10. Office Environment and Hiring – Another great time to explore if you need new office digs, you can find great leasing deals off-season. Also, you can explore new hires and interns, holiday season everybody looks for additional ways for more benefits, it can be great time to find perfect fits.

These are items you can use that are low cost and low time intensive but they can really help out from busy year, busy work times. Winter Prep… Take care of your furnace and it’ll take care of you.

Glen Williams
CEO/Owner Marketcom123