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Marketcom123 is an online marketing agency who provides high-quality agency services for lower rates.

We are able to easily accomplish this because to our streamlined, effective delivery method. You’ll be informed of what to anticipate from your project and receive a finished product that satisfies you.

We offer all of the services you require in one convenient location, including web design, hosting, social media, branding, and consultation.

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The Story

I founded Marketcom123 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the 1990s, when the Internet was just being established.

The ability of this innovative, exciting “tool” to transmit and promote information globally struck me as a big opportunity. It’s time to break free from the confines of mailings, business card distribution, elevator pitches, and constant networking events that wear you out to the point where you can hardly function at your computer, much less generate high-quality work for clients.

I also saw an opportunity to help markets by providing reasonably priced marketing services. I believed that small enterprises might reach their potential with a little guidance and assistance. My original motto was “When You Succeed.. We Succeed”.

I also saw the opportunity to provide marketing services to “under-served” markets. I thought with little hand holding, bit of training, people could reach their dreams. My very first motto was “When You Succeed.. We Succeed”.

I was a sole minority owner who dared to provide quality services which was only available through high-end design or consultancy firms. My goal was to bring such level of services to small businesses. The approach and mission were sound.

Today, I still provide this service despite difficulties of running an online agency. It is quite challenging, to say the least, but so rewarding when it works. When clients are truly grateful for services and understand the value they receive, it makes it all worth it.

I invite you to contact me anytime. Let’s discuss what you want to accomplish with your online marketing. I’ll be more than happy and glad to speak with you.

Glen Williams



Just Bit More

I started work at AT&T when I was just 17 years old, graduated from High School in three years and had scholarship to college… Before hand I applied at several major companies in St. Louis and was literally hired by all… AT&T said they would pay for my college if I came on board which I did… Worked there for 10 years or so, started businesses here in city then moved to Atlanta… AT&T has way of “training” that’s hard to get out of mindset, so I started temp work and worked my way up… then became freelance with Big Six Accounting Consulting firms… I was sitting in board room meetings, flying around country… I was the Powerpoint Presentation “IT” BOY… they made all kinds of successful sales with my designs… then came the Internet… and I said WOW!



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What To Know About Us 

What To Expect

Marketcom123 might not be the best option for you if you’re searching for something quick and inexpensive. Social media, branding, and websites are important for your business presentation. We give new customers a brief questionnaire to complete so that we can figure out the appropriate course of action or marketing strategy… without strategy… Marketing won’t work and will remain stagnant in cyberspace.

Why Should I Choose Marketcom?

We provide unique services to small businesses that’s hard to find… Our services are reliable and we stand by what we provide… We provide array of included services that allows you to run your business and not worry about website upkeep… We provide 24/7 Monitoring, Site Protections, Cloud Back-Ups… we won’t throw you on the Internet and let you fend for yourself

What Is Marketcom's Experience?

We provide small businesses uncommon services that are difficult to locate. We stand by what we offer, and our services are trustworthy. We offer a variety of integrated services so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your website while running your business. We offer Site Protections, Cloud Backups, and 24/7 Monitoring. We won’t abandon you online and leave you to fend for yourself.

What Are Your Fees?

Naturally, this depends on the kind of service your company need. If a company offers to manage your website and/or social media for “X” cost without fully understanding the work involved, including the content, graphics, marketing message, SEO, your company brand, and how you display your business… then you’re entering a partnership that can result in something you didn’t expect. Because it’s your business out there, we take the time to understand what YOU want to present. and you want your brand’s marketing to be as effective  as possible.

Do You Provide Guarantees?

Our work speaks for itself. All services from Marketcom requires a client review of satisfaction before work completion. In other words, our clients review their work from us frequently and completion is to their expectation. For more information, please see Service Policies.

Why Must I Believe Marketcom?

We look for long-term business partnerships… We will build a strategy to achieve your goals after hearing what you hope to achieve. We employ the most recent marketing strategies, and you are aware of every step of what we do for your company.

How Do I Communicate with Marketcom?

We’re easy to communicate with.. Simply send Support Ticket or Call… we’ll answer

How Will My Website and Social Media Standout?

Best practices are necessary for any marketing to stand out… Every firm has its own strategies that have been established specifically for the brand. Finding formulae that connect, testing what works, and building on those techniques for development and reach.

What Am I Going To Need To Start?

What we need is CONTENT—a description of your brand, which must originate from your company. Nobody can write about your company as well as the owner and management… It is not a good idea to employ or let writers to characterize your company. Your fundamental description is what the marketing is based on.

How To Pay

Easy simply online payment options… simply click, enter invoice amount and done


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